What Does a Capsule Wardrobe Entail and the Steps to Create One

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Capsule wardrobes have gained popularity in recent years as a way to simplify your clothing choices, save money, and reduce fashion waste. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create various outfits. It typically consists of 30-40 versatile pieces that you love and wear frequently.

Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Saves Time – When you have fewer clothes, you spend less time deciding what to wear.
  2. Saves Money – A capsule wardrobe helps you avoid impulse purchases and buy only what you need.
  3. Reduces Fashion Waste – Since you’re buying fewer clothes and wearing them more often, you reduce the number of clothes going to landfills.
  4. Simplifies Your Closet – You’ll only keep clothes that fit and make you feel good, making it easier to get dressed every day.

Steps to Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe can seem overwhelming, but it’s relatively simple when broken down into these steps:

1. Evaluate Your Current Wardrobe

Before you start building your capsule wardrobe, take a look at what you currently own. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is damaged beyond repair, or that you haven’t worn in a year.

2. Define Your Style

Defining your style helps you choose clothes that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and create a mood board or list of words that describe your style.

3. Choose Your Base Colors

Choose neutral colors such as black, white, gray, navy, and beige for your base colors. Neutral colors are versatile and easy to mix and match.

4. Select Your Accent Colors

Select two or three accent colors that complement your base colors and reflect your personal style. These colors should be bright and bold, adding a pop of color to your outfits.

5. Choose Your Essential Pieces

Essential pieces are the core of your capsule wardrobe. They are versatile, timeless, and can be worn in different ways. Some essential pieces include:

  • A white blouse
  • A black blazer
  • Skinny jeans
  • Black trousers
  • Dressy flats or heels
  • Ankle boots
  • T-shirts in neutral colors

6. Add Your Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are items that make you feel confident and unique. They can be bold prints, bright colors, or unusual shapes. Statement pieces should reflect your personal style and complement your essential pieces.

7. Accessorize

Accessories can transform an outfit and add personality. Choose accessories that match your accent colors and personal style. Some accessories to consider are scarves, jewelry, hats, and bags.


Q1. How many pieces should be in a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe typically consists of 30-40 versatile pieces. However, the number can vary depending on your lifestyle, climate, and personal preferences.

Q2. Do I have to get rid of all my clothes to build a capsule wardrobe?

No, you don’t have to get rid of all your clothes. You can keep sentimental pieces or clothes that you wear occasionally. The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your everyday choices.

Q3. How often should I update my capsule wardrobe?

You should update your capsule wardrobe every season (four times a year). It’s an opportunity to assess what worked and what didn’t work in the previous season, and to refresh your wardrobe with new essential and statement pieces.

Yes, you can still follow fashion trends while having a capsule wardrobe. However, it’s important to choose trends that fit your personal style and are versatile enough to be worn in different ways.

Q5. How do I store my capsule wardrobe?

Store your capsule wardrobe in a way that makes it easy to see and access all your clothes. Some options include using a closet organizer, a clothing rack, or open shelves.

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