We Can’t Stop Staring at Vanessa Hudgens’s Color-Changing Manicure

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One thing about Vanessa Hudgens is that the actor’s manicures are always on point. Whether she’s wearing a punk-inspired patent leather manicure to the Met Gala or coming in hot with a swirly optical illusion set, her designs ride the fine line between “fun” and “wearable.” Her latest nail job that we’re running to the nail salon for? Her color-changing nails.

On July 18, Hudgens’s longtime manicurist Zola Ganzorigt posted a video of the star wearing a white denim jacket and her engagement ring. The video is all about her nails, which are medium-long and almond-shaped and painted holographic pink, green, and gold colors that change in the light.


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Though her nails are all technically painted in different colors, the manicure’s magnetic polish and glazed chrome topper create a cohesiveness that makes a manicure this maximalist actually wearable every day. Case in point: Hudgens later posted a photo of herself at the SAG-AFTRA strike wearing a woven hat, white pants, a gold cuff, a white graphic t-shirt, and the dragon manicure. Her look was relaxed, and her nails didn’t take away from the outfit.

To recreate this manicure, you’ll have to tap into the magnetic polish trend. First, prep your nails, apply a base coat, and then gather magnetic pink, green, and gold nail polishes. “With magnetic polish, you apply your base coat as normal and then your first layer of magnetic polish as normal, working nail by nail,” Thea Green, founder of Nails.Inc, previously told Byrdie. When your first coat of magnetic polish dries, apply a second coat and then hover a magnet over your nail while the polish is still wet.

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After creating a holographic magnet effect on each nail, you’ll want to move onto a glazed top coat. Ganzorigt created the glazed manicure for Hailey Bieber’s 2022 Met Gala look and has repeatedly revealed that her trick for a mirror-like finish is rubbing a chrome powder on top of the manicure.

She typically uses OPI’s Tin Man Can Chrome Powder (professional-only), but if chrome powders seem too complicated, you can top your magnetic nail polish with a pearl polish like the Nails.Inc What The Shell Pearl Effect Nail Polish ($11). Whichever way you go, seal everything in with your favorite top coat.

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