The Seductive Allure of Sirencore: A Sultry Twist on Mermaidcore

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Prepare to be captivated.

As popular movies like The Little Mermaid and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, featuring the mesmerizing “Mermaid Barbie” portrayed by Dua Lipa, make their debuts this year, the mermaidcore trend is taking the world by storm. Turquoise makeup, scale-like clothing, and nails inspired by the enchanting creatures are everywhere. However, if you’re yearning for a touch of Greek mythology and a departure from Ariel’s seashell bra, allow us to introduce you to the sultry sister of mermaidcore: Sirencore.

In this article, we’ll delve into the surprisingly wearable Sirencore trend, perfect for the summer season. Brace yourself for a wave of siren-inspired fashion inspiration that will leave you spellbound.

The Trend Unveiled

Sirens trace their origins back to ancient Greek mythology. Legend has it that their alluring melodies and seductive voices lured unsuspecting sailors to their doom. Unlike the vibrant and sparkling aesthetic of mermaidcore, the Sirencore trend embodies a fusion of Greek goddess and beached mermaid.

Imagine a modern-day siren emerging from the depths, like the scene in The Little Mermaid where Ariel washes up on shore and fashions a dress from fabric found on the beach. The essence of Sirencore lies in its naturalistic mermaid vibe: Neutral hues, slinky designs, and an irresistible allure that can enchant anyone, regardless of their sea-faring status.

Seashells and mismatched pearl jewelry are beloved by sirens, while wet-looking skin complements figure-hugging dresses and draped tops. While mermaids revel in shades of purple, pink, and effervescent shimmer, Sirencore’s color story revolves around beachy greens, sandy tones, and watery off-white hues.


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Where It Has Made Waves

Sirencore has been making a splash since the previous fashion month in September, with brands like No 21 showcasing reflective two-piece sets and body-clinging dresses that evoke the sensation of wet fabric. Celebrities such as Sabrina Carpenter and Matilda Djerf have recently embraced the sirencore trend, donning silky blue dresses and figure-hugging seafoam-colored ensembles, respectively. Model Elsa Hosk has even ventured into the chic burlap-sack-meets-siren look with a tan netted dress for a summer holiday.


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Shay Mitchell made a striking entrance at the Cannes Film Festival, sporting slicked-back siren hair and glistening wet skin. Megan Fox’s wet hair, dewy complexion, and netted dress, worn at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party, epitomize the blueprint for this trend.


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How to Embrace the Sirencore Look

Immerse yourself in the siren aesthetic by selecting garments that evoke a beachy ambiance. Opt for tank tops, boleros, halter tops, and keyhole silhouettes—anything that would befit a coastal setting. When it comes to accessories, choose pieces that appear to be plucked straight from the sea or sourced from a surf store, such as seashell jewelry, pearl necklaces, and designs inspired by nature.

In terms of fabrics, steer clear of heavy materials like denim or leather. Instead, gravitate towards body-hugging options like silk or satin to achieve a wet look, or choose fabrics that effortlessly cling to the body for a similar effect. To recreate the ambiance of stepping onto a pirate’s ship, embrace starched fabrics, beachy linens, and anything remotely netted.

Avoid overly glamorous makeup—save the sharp cut crease for another occasion. Instead, complement your beachy wardrobe with a sun-kissed complexion, glossy lips, and eyeshadows in shades of pale blue, brown, or green.

A siren is incomplete without glistening skin and hair, so either bathe your skin in a heavenly glaze (à la Hailey Bieber) or employ the “shower makeup” TikTok hack to achieve a dewy, wet skin effect. For perpetually moist-looking hair, a high-shine glossing oil or spray will work wonders. Complete your seductive, beachy look with a muted and matte sea glass manicure.

Indulge in the allure of Sirencore and prepare to cast your spell wherever you go. Let the world succumb to the irresistible charm of this sultry sister trend, leaving onlookers entranced by your seductive and beach-inspired style.

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