On Quiet-Luxury: The 13 Best Pieces To Add to Your Wardrobe

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With stylist-approved picks from brands like Khaite, Donni, and more.

Best Staple Pieces To Build A Quiet Luxury Wardrobe

Grandeur has always been signified by boldness and flashiness; for as long as we can remember (even going back to ancient times) status has been determined by the number of jewels you had on your body, or how many logos you were able to wear at any given time.

And although logomania and maximalism still have a following, prestige dressing has taken a new form as the complete opposite—being hidden in plain sight. Quiet luxury, as it’s been labeled, is all the rage, thanks to the popularity of the sophisticated, understated style of figures like Sofia Richie Grainge, the fictional Shiv Roy from “Succession”, and the Olsen twins.

According to Gabrielle Calder, a stylist at Net-A-Porter, quiet luxury hinges on the idea of wearing classic investment pieces that do not go out of style. “A quiet luxury look is not flashy, but rather it focuses on higher-end fabrics and silhouettes,” she explains. So, although quiet luxury can be about “stealth wealth,” it’s not only about status.

Aesthetically speaking, it shifts focus to simple (but never dull) clothing and accessories meant to be worn season after season (rather than trendy pieces you’ll wear a few times). Quiet luxury takes a less-is-more approach that places value on design, fabrication, and wearability.

To help you build out a quiet luxury wardrobe of your own, we tapped an expert stylist and got her advice on staple pieces and high-quality brands. We also considered fabrication, design, and quality before landing on some recommendations for the best quiet luxury clothes, accessories, and shoes that are worthy of your investment.

A blazer is a timeless piece. Though it’s traditionally a menswear item, we’re gravitating toward blazers this year, which makes sense, seeing as it offers lifelong appeal. If your style leans more feminine, consider dipping your toe into the look with a style that has pretty embellishments or details. As far as fabrics go, we’re fans of linen, especially for summer dressing, since the fabric is breezy and cooling, and gives a certain effortless je ne sais quoi. You could opt for a higher-end pick, like the Max Mara Cotton and Linen Blazer (which retails for $495), but you don’t have to spend a ton of money for high-quality linen.

Everlane Linen Oversized Blazer

Everlane Linen Oversized BlazerEverlane

Everlane is a great destination for high-quality, made-to-last staple items crafted with fine materials and transparent manufacturing standards. You can expect (more) affordable pricing and clothing that’s effortless, versatile, and intended to stand the test of time. We hand-picked the Oversized Linen Blazer because it’s a modern take but still offers the same classic menswear-inspired shape we know and love. The 100% linen blazer is available in sizes 00 through 16 and comes in four colors—Canvas, Canvas and Navy, Kalamata, and Light Blue.

Price at time of publish: $178

Midi Dresses

When dresses are in order, you can’t go wrong with a midi option. The name “midi” actually comes from the fact that these dresses tend to fall either below the knee or right above the ankle. This length looks polished and professional but still feels playful enough to dance in, lending itself to plenty of different scenarios and allowing you to get your money’s worth.

Veronica Beard Saskia Ruched Halter-Neck Midi-Dress

Veronica Beard Saskia Ruched Halter Neck Midi Dress
Saks Fifth Avenue

Veronica Beard’s Saskia dress is giving Shiv Roy in the best way. Thanks to a split halter neck, ruching down the bodice, and a draped skirt made of stretch jersey material, it’s flattering, practical, and, best of all, comfortable. It’s available in sizes 0 through 10 and comes in a lovely neutral brown color that pairs well with lots of different coats, blazers, sweaters, and shoes.

Price at time of publish: $498

Coordinated Sets

“Quiet luxury” is basically a synonym for “elevated basics,” and we believe a matching (or coordinating) set is as basic as it gets. The beauty of coordinated sets is that they’re designed to be worn together and separately, giving you at least three outfits right off the bat. So, with a few matching sets in your closet, you can throw together effortless yet incredibly put-together outfits at a moment’s notice.


Donni. Vest

This bright and sunny linen blend vest is a great piece on its own, but when paired with DONNI. Simple Pant (the matching pants), you’ve got yourself a recipe for one heck of an outfit. We love the laid-back, simple style of this set—and the way each piece looks on its own. Also, the fact that the brand partners with non-profits and women-owned factories seriously adds to the appeal.

Price at time of publish: $189 for the vest; $186 for the pants

Tailored Pants

To put it plainly, well-fitting pants look a million times more expensive (and put together) than a pair of sweatpants or leggings. While you can find tailored pants from just about anywhere, picking an option made with high-quality fabrics is the way to go here.

Safiyaa Alexa Stretch-Crepe Flared Pants

Safiyaa Alexa Stretch Crepe Flared Pants

By definition, trousers are well-tailored pants with crisp folds that allow easy movement. While they can be made from a wide range of fabrics—like cotton-twill, wool, and linen—cotton and linen options are the most ideal for warmer months. These stretch-crepe flared pants from Safiyaa are a perfect choice if you’re looking for something versatile and flattering, as each pair is cut from stretch-crepe, offering a breathable, ‘70s-inspired flare hem.They’re available in Forest Green, Ivory, and Royal Blue, giving you options suitable for all summertime situations. These are intended to be a bit long, but we recommend tailoring them to fit your body. According to Calder, taking the time to tailor your pants to fit your body makes all the difference; doing so actually makes the clothing seem more expensive and the overall look appears more put together.

Price at time of publish: $695

High-Quality Knits

Good-quality knits stay in style season after season, so we recommend investing in simple pieces made of luxe materials to really hone in on the stealth wealth vibe. A great knit can come in different forms, whether it be a classic sweater or a trendier, daintier item like a bra or tank. Either way, you can count on knits to add a hint of luxury to your everyday ensembles.

La Ligne Pointelle-Knit Cotton-Blend Sweater

La Ligne Pointelle Knit Cotton Blend Sweater

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, La Ligne creates pieces that feel like they’ve always been a part of your wardrobe. The items the brand designs are timeless, easy to style, and crafted with fine materials that you can feel good in. This pretty pointelle slip-on sweater is knitted from a lovely cotton blend (which includes a touch of cashmere) that looks and feels summery. The sweater comes in sizes XS through XL and although it’s designed for a relaxed fit, we recommend taking your normal size. We love everything about this piece, except for the fact that it only comes in one color—Ivory. We wish there were more!

Price at time of publish: $295

Khaite Eda Cashmere Soft-Cup Bra

Khaite Eda Cashmere Soft Cup Bra

We’d be remiss not to mention Khaite in a roundup of the best quiet luxury items. The New York-based brand reimagines classic American style with a modern touch—quiet luxury at its core. While $520 is expensive for a little knit bra, we promise that when you consider the pure cashmere fabrication and the fact that it pairs beautifully with a cardigan (Katie Holmes proved it!), you’ll be willing to overlook it. The bra features soft, seamed cups to gently support the bust, and fits up to a C cup comfortably.

Price at time of publish: $520

Classic T-Shirts

Calder explains that T-shirts are an item you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money on. “Uniqlo has the best T-shirts for under $30; they’re the epitome of classic and can be elevated easily,” she explains.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T Shirt

Made of 100% cotton, the Supima Cotton Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt features a flattering crew neck design and a basic silhouette that can be styled either alone or as the base layer for a more complex outfit. It’s versatile and as classic as a T-shirt gets, perfect for both casual and refined styling. While we’re partial to the white since it goes with the most, the T-shirt also comes in 10 other colors, including basics like black, cream, and navy, as well as hot pink, green, and lavender.

Price at time of publish: $15

Leather Sandals

According to Calder, shoes that can go with anything are among the best pieces to invest in. “Investing in one or two pairs of shoes a season [from brands like The Row, TOTEME, or Bottega] can really upgrade your wardrobe,” she explains. “I always mix high and low-priced pieces by wearing more expensive shoes and then opting for more inexpensive items to balance it all out.

We recommend leather options since the lifespan of the material is much longer than that of synthetic material—leather actually gets more comfortable over time, the more it’s worn.

Sarah Flint Kim Sandal

Sarah Flint Kim Sandal
Sarah Flint

These flat sandals from Sarah Flint are understated, but thanks to soft Italian nappa leather in several fun colors (like Gold and Silver, Toffee, and Cherry), they’re playful, fresh, and an overall interesting addition to your footwear rotation. The sandals feature a square toe and 3mm of padding—so they’re both chic and comfortable—and they fit true to size for all sizes, 4 to 14.

Price at time of publish: $395

Aeyde Roda Leather Sandals

Aeyde Roda Leather Sandals

Aeyde, a Berlin-based footwear and accessories house, also specializes in understated luxury. Founder Luisa Dames set out to challenge notions of luxury by focusing on transparent pricing, sustainable sourcing, slow consumption, and minimalist design—all major tenants of the trend.The Roda Leather Sandals are simple and dainty but still offer a ton of character with unexpected Green and Pink colorways (in addition to classic shades like Gold and Cream) and contemporary square toes. The buttery leather feels comfortable against the feet while the long ties wrap delicately around the ankle, summoning you to wear them to all of your upcoming summer events.

Price at time of publish: $395

Investment Bags

A good bag comes in all shapes, sizes, and fabrics, but as far as quiet luxury goes, a structured bag without a ton of logos is the way to go here. In doing so, you’re able to elevate any outfit and tie your whole look together.

The Row Park Small Tote Bag

The Row Park Small Tote Bag
Neiman Marcus

If there was one brand to truly define quiet luxury, it would be The Row. Despite being founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2001, the brand is much more than just another celebrity brand. In fact, The Row is almost like a secret society responsible for simple, thoughtfully crafted clothing and accessories. According to Calder, the materials offered by the brand are top-notch. “It’s a cool girl brand that’s been able to take the most simple of items and transform them into something special that everyone wants,” she shares.

The Park Small Tote Bag, a classic calf leather tote, is a prime example of the brand’s dedication to timeless elegance and the use of fine materials. The bag features grained calfskin leather and an interior toggle closure with a flat handle that rests nicely on the shoulder. It comes in a few colors: Sand, Ivory, Dark Taupe, and Black.

Price at time of publish: $1,560

Bembien Women’s Rosa Tote

Bembien Women’s Rosa ToteAmazon

A good straw bag is a summer staple. Whether you’re headed to a tropical island or just running to your local farmer’s market, there’s no companion (or quiet luxury summer essential) better than a woven bag. Case in point: French singer Jane Birkin, who toted wicker baskets throughout the 1960s, became a total style icon for her easy, effortless looks that always included a woven bag in tow.

New York-based accessories brand Bembien makes a fantastic rendition of the classic straw bag (along with a whole slew of other luxurious bags) that we believe is worthy of investment. The Rosa Tote boasts a structured silhouette made from woven rattan plus cowhide leather trim and handles.

Price at time of publish: $360

Savette Tondo Small Suede Shoulder Bag

Savette Tondo Small Suede Shoulder Bag

A handbag is timeless, especially when it’s made in a sophisticated silhouette and rendered in exceptional fabric, like leather (or in this case, suede, to be specific). We love this particular option from Savette, an Italian brand that handcrafts handbags just outside of Florence. Each of the brand’s bags is meticulously created to be passed down for generations, so it’s safe to say that the Tondo Small Suede Shoulder Bag will stand the test of time. It’s sleek, timeless, and made from supple Green suede and gold hardware.

Price at time of publish: $1,550

Simple Jewelry

As mentioned before, being blinged out was considered a status symbol for pretty much all of history. Nowadays, it’s the complete opposite. Simple jewelry, like dainty hoops, chains, rings, and bracelets add subtle embellishments to your look without making it look gaudy or overdone.

Gorjana Parker XL Necklace

Gorjana Parker Xl NecklaceGorjana



Perfect for wearing on its own or layered with other simple pieces, Gorjana’s Parker XL Necklace is a tried-and-true classic chain necklace intended to be a then, now, and forever piece. The paperclip necklace comes in 18k gold-plated brass and rests nicely just below the collarbone, accentuating the hardware of your bag, shoes, or clothes, and drawing attention to the decolletage area.

Price at time of publish: $120


Gabrielle Calder is a junior online stylist at YOOX-NET-A-PORTER. Before NET-A-PORTER, Calder was a styling assistant at Bergdorf Goodman. Calder received a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University.

What to Look for in Quiet Luxury Clothes and Accessories


As with all clothing, materials are the most important. Look for clothing made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, linen, and cashmere, as they’re generally a better choice when it comes to choosing clothes that will last a lifetime. We love the Everlane Linen Oversized Blazer and the

Khaite Eda Cashmere Soft-Cup Bra for their stellar fabrication. As a general rule of thumb, avoid garments made with more than 20% synthetic fibers, like polyester, as they won’t last as long.


To elevate any clothing item—but especially quiet luxury items—look for embellishments like good-quality buttons and hardware. For example, the Savette Tondo Small Suede Shoulder Bag, a structured everyday bag, features a suede finish and a gold buckle that give it a more elegant feel. Plus, subtle details—like the air vent in the back of the DONNI. Vest, for example—also makes clothing feel more comfortable, therefore, giving you more reason to wear it.


Calder explains that while materials and details matter, the fit is also really important. “Sometimes the least expensive clothing looks the most expensive because it has been fitted and tailored properly,” Calder explains. “I have Zara trousers that people think are The Row, simply because of the fit and the fact that I took the time to get it fitted to my body.”


  • What is quiet luxury?Quiet luxury is simply the idea of wearing classic, investment-worthy pieces that never go out of style, Calder explains. “This type of clothing is not flashy, but instead focuses on higher-end fabrics and silhouettes.”
  • How to style quiet luxuryAccording to Calder, putting together quiet luxury outfits requires mixing high and low-cost pieces. “I always tend to mix higher priced shoes with Levis, T-shirts from Uniqlo, etc. to balance it all out,” she says. “Sometimes the least expensive clothing looks the most expensive because it has been fitted and tailored properly.”
  • What brands are quiet luxury?Some of Calder’s favorite quiet luxury brands are Bottega Veneta (whose shoes are “beautiful season after season and can be worn for years,” she says), TOTEME, COS, and Khaite. “Investment blouses don’t come better than Khaite’s,” she explains. “Every season I like to invest in one or two, and I have some from years ago that I still love.”

Source: www.byrdie.com/best-quiet-luxury-pieces-7504362

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