Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice Showcase Exquisite Pink Nail Artistry in Their Captivating ‘Barbie’ Movie Music Video

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The anticipation surrounding Greta Gerwig’s forthcoming film, Barbie, is reaching unparalleled heights, capturing the world’s attention like never before. As if the resurgence of the Barbiecore trend wasn’t thrilling enough, Barbie has now ventured into the realm of lifestyle, forging numerous brand collaborations.

Nicki Minaj And Ice Spice Showcase Exquisite Pink Nail Artistry In Their Captivating Barbie Movie Music Video (1)

Not to mention the Progressive commercial that ingeniously highlights the doll’s dream house and car while sealing an insurance deal. Expanding its influence further, Barbie has now made its mark on the music industry through the latest music video, “Barbie World (With Aqua),” featuring the talented duo Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. The duo’s extravagant French manicures, inspired by the iconic Barbie aesthetic, steal the spotlight.

This sensational single, slated to be part of the film’s soundtrack, was unveiled on June 23, incorporating samples from Aqua’s 1997 hit, “Barbie Girl.” The music video showcases an array of captivating outfit changes, with Minaj effortlessly transitioning from a striking black and white polka dot dress, complemented by pink Versace platform shoes, to a more relaxed ensemble consisting of a white tank top and fuzzy white shorts. Adorned in exquisite Chanel jewelry and donning Barbie pink boots and hair, she exudes unparalleled style.

Ice Spice, on the other hand, graces the video with her presence in a yellow off-the-shoulder top, coupled with a mod-inspired skirt adorned with swirling shades of pink, orange, and grey. Later, she exudes elegance in a baby pink tweed set, comprising a pleated skirt and a cropped jacket, accompanied by a charm-encrusted bikini top. Spice confidently dons a hot pink bob and flowing red hair, while Minaj effortlessly transitions between pigtails, a pink mullet, and her signature pink butt-skimming locks.

The music video is an absolute spectacle, delivering everything one would hope for from this dynamic duo, while their manicures evoke the essence of a doll’s dream. Minaj flaunts a gem-encrusted, Barbie pink manicure featuring luxuriously long, pointy stiletto nails. Her pointer and ring fingers are adorned with dozens of bubblegum pink crystals, while her pinky fingers display pink jelly nails embellished with scattered gems.


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For her middle fingers and thumbs, she combines the two shades, showcasing a gem-laden Barbie French design that features the jelly color as the base and the sparkling bubblegum pink shade as the tip. Notably, each French nail boasts an additional oversized gem at both the tip and the base, truly epitomizing opulence.

While a conventional all-pink Barbie manicure seems befitting for the original Barbie rapper (hello, Nicki), Ice Spice takes a more edgy approach with her aura French manicure. Masterfully crafted by nail artist Kros Vargas, the rapper’s long, square nails are first adorned with a Barbie pink jelly base.

Vargas then skillfully adds a mesmerizing swirled black French tip that gracefully extends halfway down the nails. Each tip features a captivating pale blue aura blob, crowned by a charming star. As if that weren’t enough, Vargas embellishes the design with a thick sparkling parting line, demarcating the tip from the base, and accents each nail with slender, Y2K-inspired curved lines.

While these nail designs may not immediately align with the conventional notion of a “Barbie” manicure, they undoubtedly capture the doll’s opulent, flawless, and pink-infused lifestyle. If you’re eagerly anticipating the Barbie premiere and aspire to maintain your love for maximalism, Minaj and Ice Spice’s awe-inspiring nail artistry will undoubtedly serve as your ultimate source of inspiration. Their manicures transcend expectations, pushing the boundaries of creativity and style, much like Barbie herself.

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