Keke Palmer’s Fluffy Waves Would Look Right at Home in Studio 54

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Retro beauty at its best.

eke Palmer has been making news lately after misogynistic backlash to an outfit she wore a few weeks ago, but Palmer has clapped back in the best way possible: by looking fabulous and living her best life. Her looks have been particularly on point since the Twitter fiasco ensued—though she always looks great—and her latest fluffy waves are one for the books.

On July 19, Palmer posted a photo of her retro baddie look, which included a brown strapless Vataniki dress with cutouts and crystal embellishments and a Burberry varsity jacket with black leather sleeves. Her stylist Seth Chernoff paired the look with satin Louboutin heels and large thin hoops.

Keke Palmer Wearing Retro Waves

With a varsity jacket and giant hoops, Palmer’s outfit was very ’90s—but her Farrah Fawcett waves brought her look into Studio 54 territory. Hairstylist Tamika Gibson used lace bundles and closure from Royal Hair Rehab to create a retro hairdo that boasts major volume. Gibson gave the star a middle part, McDonald’s bangs to add even volume to the top, and layers throughout to emphasize Palmer’s waves. Gibson then secured the wig pieces with The Hair Diagram’s Bold Hold Lace Gelly ($10) for a seamless blend.

While some of you may prefer sleek Indie Sleaze waves that emphasizes texture over volume, big, voluminous hairstyles are still highly in demand both on and off the red carpet. If you’re still after the big-hair vibes that were all over TikTok last year but with a fresh twist, Palmer’s retro waves are a great option.

Though they look like they’re defying gravity, retro Fawcett waves are pretty easy to achieve at home. Start with damp hair and apply a thickening mouse before rough drying your strands until they are about 75% dry. “Starting with the bang area, take a medium-sized round brush and start blowing those bangs towards the face,” hairstylist and colorist Brenden DelBene previously told Byrdie. “Once they’re almost dry, flip them backward, placing the brush behind the hair, and blow them upward and away from the face.”

After your bangs and front pieces are dry, set them to cool in rollers, blow out the rest of your hair, and set the rest of it in rollers. Once your hair has cooled completely, brush out your waves and finish with your favorite light-hold hairspray.

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