I Walked for Miles in These Comfy Platform Sneakers Beloved by TikTok

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We put the Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Lace Up Platform Sneakers to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

At the ripe age of 28, I’m all about comfort. In college, I used to walk around in heels and mini dresses, but these days, I’m more into breezy pants and sneakers. I’m a total baby when it comes to uncomfortable shoes, and I can tell pretty much right away if a pair is going to work for me. Don’t get me wrong—style is still important to me, but I also need my shoes to be wickedly comfortable. So my curiosity was immediately piqued when I saw Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Lace Up platform sneakers ($70) all over my TikTok For You Page, despite the fact that the brand name made my grandparents’ generation come to mind. But after seeing the shoes, I learned that these aren’t my grandma’s Dr. Scholl’s—the brand has totally modernized its aesthetic while staying true to its classic comfort. I put them to the test for myself, and after walking around for miles, I can say with zero hesitation I’ve found my favorite shoes for travel. Keep reading to learn all about the TikTok-viral style and why it’s a standout everyday sneaker.

BEST FOR: Anyone who needs their shoes to be comfortable but still wants a modern, clean style.
USES: A daily sneaker that supports feet all day long with an anatomical insole, comfortable padding, and anti-microbial, anti-odor technology.
KEY DETAIL: The shoes feature Dr. Scholl’s signature low-pressure insoles with shock absorption for a comfortable feel and minimal fatigue.
PRICE: $70
COLORS: Five options (white, taupe fabric, charcoal fabric, beige shimmer, and black)
ABOUT THE BRAND: Founded in 1924, Dr. Scholl’s focuses on crafting classic, comfort-first shoes with staying power, as well as shoe inserts, orthotics, and foot care products. The brand’s Original Exercise Sandal ($120) has been a popular choice since the 1960s, and offerings today span across a range of categories, from heels to boots to the viral Time Off Lace Up sneakers.

About the Trend: A TikTok travel hack

The Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Lace Up platform sneakers gained popularity on TikTok this year, and the specific style has been continuously selling out ever since. White sneakers are a classic staple, so it’s no wonder that once word spread about a comfortable, modern option, countless people immediately flocked to it. TikToker Meghan Pruitt picked up a pair as a comfortable travel footwear option to wear while studying abroad, and she gave a glowing review complete with tons of pictures of her wearing them all over the world.


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♬ original sound – Meghan Pruitt

According to Pruitt, who says she wore the sneakers every day while abroad, the shoes were comfortable, went with all of her outfits, and were easy to clean even after heavy wear. With tons of similar TikTok videos vouching for these shoes’ comfort and style, I had high hopes that they would be perfect for my upcoming three-week-long Europe trip.


These shoes made my whole European trip honestly 10/10 id buy them in every color #walkingshoes #europeansummer #perfectshoes

♬ original sound – Ravine

The Design: Modern, sleek, and comfortable

As mentioned, the white colorway of the Dr. Scholl’s Time Off platform sneakers is the most popular and continues to sell out, so I didn’t get that exact style. Instead, I got them in the beige shimmer color, which worked out perfectly for me since I have about five other pairs of white sneakers (and I’m nothing but resourceful!). In fact, after opening up my brand-new sneakers that Dr. Scholl’s was kind enough to send over, I immediately fell in love with the look. With a slight shimmer and a very light beige color, these shoes just might be the most stylish sneakers I now own. Beyond just the color, the laces also stand out—they’re unlike anything I’ve ever owned. They’re slightly frayed at the edges, giving off a cool-girl vibe I love.

The Wear: Comfortable all day long

After putting the Dr. Scholl’s Time Off platform sneakers on, I felt the soles of my size 10 feet instantly sink into the brand’s famous cushioned, low-pressure insoles. When I say it felt like I was walking on clouds, I’m not being dramatic. But the real test was to see how they’d feel after a full day of wearing them. I went on a 45-minute walk, which ended up being about two miles, and after the first mile, I finally started to feel the just-out-of-the-box feeling start to go away. They didn’t feel like cardboard against my ankles, and the insoles themselves felt magical. As I mentioned, I’m super picky when it comes to comfort and shoes, but these ones absolutely passed the test.

How to Style Them: The Sky’s The Limit

Dr. Scholl’s currently offers five colors of the Time Off Lace Up platform sneakers: white, beige shimmer, taupe fabric, charcoal fabric, and black. All of these options are neutral, versatile, and great for everyday wear, so choose whichever color you think you’d wear most. Since these are platform sneakers designed with style in mind, they can work with pretty much any outfit. During the summer months, rock them with cut-off shorts and a button-down shirt, and for cooler days, these shoes would look great paired with breezy linen pants or your favorite denim. You can even wear them with a flowy summer dress for those days when a brunch date turns into a full afternoon of shopping until you drop. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

As for socks, I’m personally into pairing a crew style with sneakers (these ones from Amazon, $12 for a pack of six, are my fave). But if that’s not your jam, go for some no-shows or ankle biters—it’s all about the look you want to create, and shoes don’t get much more versatile than these.

The Value: Incredible for the quality

The Dr. Scholl’s Time Off platform sneakers are $70 a pair, which is actually more affordable than a lot of the most popular options on the market. And given these shoes bring together the brand’s signature comfortable insoles with a modern, minimalist profile, they’re even more of a steal—many top sneakers lean more in one direction or the other. This style is definitely a great investment whether you’re looking for an everyday shoe or something to keep your feet comfortable throughout long travel days.

Similar Products: You’ve got options

Dr. Scholl’s Dink It Pickleball Sneaker: If you’re building the perfect pickleball outfit before heading onto the court, these sneakers ($70) are up to the task. Featuring much of the same comfort technology as the Time Off sneakers paired with movement-oriented features, this is a great choice if you want a Dr. Scholl’s design tailored to an active lifestyle.

Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Hi Platform Sneaker: Are you a fan of high-tops like Converse, but looking for something a bit more comfort-oriented? This version ($80) of the Dr. Scholl’s Time Off sneaker has a retro feel and is in the same iconic white color as the originals.

Dr. Scholl’s Savoy Lace Up Sneaker: Another travel-ready style, these sneakers ($100) feature a faux leather material and built-in arch support. They come in black and white for versatile neutral options, but for fans of Barbiecore, there’s also a pink version.

Final Verdict
It’s safe to say I’m completely obsessed with my Time Off Lace Up Sneakers from Dr. Scholl’s, and I plan on wearing them to the ground. With their comfort technology, minimalist style, and versatile neutral colorways all at a fairly low price point, these shoes really can’t be beat for travel or everyday wear.

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