Hailey Bieber: Setting Summer Nail Trends with Her Cherry French Manicure

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The Fourth of July festivities may have come and gone, but Hailey Bieber’s captivating manicure continues to inspire our summer nail game. While many opted for stars and stripes, Bieber took a different route by incorporating a beloved American classic: cherry pie. The cherry glazed French manicure she sported has become a major hit, and we’re ready to embrace this look all the way until Labor Day.

On June 29, Bieber shared a snapshot of her fresh nails in preparation for the long weekend. Her signature medium-long almond-shaped nails made a statement with a buttery-yellow French tip and a nude base. Although the manicure initially appears to be a classic French design, Bieber added a delightful twist by including a single cherry detail on the border between the nail’s base and tip, creating a mouthwatering effect.

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Cherry-inspired nails have been making waves in the celebrity realm ever since Kourtney Kardashian Barker debuted her cherry milk bath nails earlier this spring. Bieber’s nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, recently showcased a hyper-realistic strawberry manicure she created for Iris Apatow.

Countless stars have also embraced the blueberry milk manicure trend this summer. It’s no surprise, as incorporating seasonal produce into nail art is a delightful way to celebrate the vibrant essence of summer.

If fully adorned fruit decals or fruit-inspired colors feel a bit too bold for your taste, Bieber’s minimalist cherry detail combined with a trending glazed French tip offers a more understated way to infuse your nails with summer vibes.

While Bieber’s cherry French manicure appears simple, it’s worth setting aside an hour or two if you decide to recreate this look at home. Begin by prepping your cuticles, filing, and buffing your nails. Apply a ridge-filling base coat with a touch of nude color, such as Dazzle Dry’s Transform Ridge Filler ($24).

Next, select a pale yellow polish like J.Hannah’s Nail Polish ($22) in Marzipan and delicately draw a French tip on each nail. Hannah Thayers, a nail artist from Dazzle Dry, advises starting with a light stroke across the center of the nail tip and then connecting the sides with a gentle swooping motion. Once you’ve achieved the desired shape, fill in the remaining tip and allow your nails to fully dry.

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Next, take red nail polish and create two dots wherever you’d like to position the cherries. Connect these dots using green nail polish to depict the stems. Finally, apply a glazed finish by using chrome powder or the Nails.Inc What the Shell Pearl Effect Nail Polish ($11). Seal everything in with your preferred top coat to ensure a long-lasting and glossy result.

With Hailey Bieber’s cherry French manicure leading the way, your nails are destined to exude chic summer vibes that are both elegant and playful. So go ahead and indulge in this delightful trend that pays homage to seasonal flavors while keeping your nails on point.

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